Ours is a world at war over the essence of our human story, whether our humanity or inhumanity is the dominant gene in our DNA. Despite the lessons of history, we continue to fall short of our promise to never forget and never let genocide happen on our watch. As Elie Wiesel and Samuel Totten once said:

 "Memory can be a graveyard or it can be the true kingdom of man. The choice is before humanity."


On April 10th-11th, 2016, thousands of young people across the world will convene in their local communities and on social media using the hashtag #TogetherWeRemember to participate in the largest ever digital memorial commemorating victims of genocide from the 20th and 21st centuries. We will ignite an annual global tradition in which we examine our progress towards fulfilling the promises of "Never Forget" and "Never Again" for all people in our world. 


For one day each year, we will take back the pen with which our collective story is written. We will unite universities and religious communities in solidarity, give voice to voiceless both past and present, and compel our political leaders to give those affected by genocide their right to memory, justice, healing, and safe refuge. 

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