Set Your Plan in Motion

You’ve got a team, a well-designed vision for your event, a budget, and sponsors to help cover costs. Now it’s time to set your plan in motion. You can use the Planning Checklist to track the big and little things that need to get done by your team. Here are the key things to arrange and some helpful tips to remember along the way:

  • Reserve Venue: The best spaces for public events get snatched up quickly so wherever you have in mind to host your event, reserve it ASAP! This should be the first thing you do.
  • Book Speakers/Performers: Speakers/performers also book up quickly and since you may need to arrange travel, this is very time sensitive.
  • Reserve/Acquire Event Equipment: Ensure you have a detailed list of the equipment you need and where you will get it from. Getting everything you need will likely take a combination of ordering, renting, purchasing, or borrowing, so plan accordingly.
  • Order/Make Signage: We will provide templates that you can use, as well as our logo, but you are also welcome to design your own. If printing costs are beyond your budget, then you can make great signs the old-fashion way - by hand!
  • Make/Print Handouts: We will provide templates that you can use, but you are welcome to design your own.
  • Order/Make Giveaways: Let us know if you are planning to incorporate giveaways like t-shirts and laptop stickers in your event. If other communities are as well, we will place a bulk order for these items to minimize the cost. In either case, we will provide templates that you can use or you can design your own.
  • Order Decorations: This is less time-sensitive, but helpful to get out of the way.
  • Social Media Installation: Depending on the design of your installation, this may require ordering materials or simply visiting a nearby craft/office supply store.
  • Order Food/Drinks: If it gets chilly in the evening where you are, then hot drinks are really nice to offer; be sure to have water available for speakers, performers, and senior citizens.

With all the  key details arranged, let's...