Thank Everyone Involved in Your Event

Within 24-48 hours of your event coming to an end, be sure to follow up and thank all the people who helped make your event a success! It is important to thank, recognize, and validate the time and hard work that everyone dedicated to TWR. When we do this all over again next year, these folks will join you again in a heartbeat!

We recommend sending a general thank you email to all Name Reading participants and handwritten notes to VIP participants, sponsors, and other partners. Don’t forget your team either! Emails are lovely, but in-person or hand written thank you’s are the ones that create strong relationships.

In your thank you notes and conversations, don’t forget to welcome feedback for how we can improve the event next year. Speaking of which…

Provide Feedback

Shortly after the event, we will email you with a link to a survey to let us know how we can improve your community’s TWR experience in the future. What was awesome? What wasn’t? What do we desperately need to change? What practical (or crazy) ideas do you have that would allow us to do this bigger and better? Creating a global movement is all about evolution and adaptation and we need your input to do that!

Stay Engaged

You’ve built up a ton of awareness and credibility for atrocity prevention and remembrance in your community, so let’s keep up the positive momentum! Now that people are paying attention, you have a platform for activism throughout the year until our next TWR campaign in April 2019. Here are some great ways to keep up the great work:

  • Host an interest meeting to invite newly inspired people to join your team and begin laying the groundwork for our next TWR campaign in 2018
  • Follow us on social media to stay informed and ready to mobilize for an urgent issue
  • Contribute your feedback and dreams for what TWR can become other Community Organizers in the Community Hub on Facebook
  • Launch a STAND chapter to enable your team/community to participate in multiple atrocity prevention policy campaigns throughout the year
  • Apply to join our core team to help us build Together We Remember into a thriving global organization