What is #TogetherWeRemember?

Before we dive into the planning details, let's cover the basics about #TogetherWeRemember (TWR). After all, to recruit a team, sponsors, and participants you'll need to tell people what TWR is all about and why it's important. One of our experienced organizers explains:

#TogetherWeRemember is a citizen-led movement to make the promises of "Never Forget" and "Never Again" count for all humanity. This April, our community will join thousands worldwide to build the first virtual memorial to commemorate the victims of violent hatred and celebrate the heroes who fought against it. We will organize an interactive vigil in a central, public space and share our community's experience live on social media with the hashtag #TogetherWeRemember. Our goal is to ignite an annual global tradition in which we unite communities representing every race and religion in solidarity, give voice to victims of violent hatred past and present, and inspire collective action for justice, memory, and peace.

What is the Organizer's Guide?

If you're excited to bring #TogetherWeRemember to your community, but now you're wondering: "How do we actually make this happen?" then the Organizer's Guide is for you!

We asked TWR organizers from years past what made their events successful and summarized their thoughts right here for you. This is your go-to source for guidance on how to plan and execute an amazing TWR event in your community in April 2018. We have divided the guide into eight key planning steps and developed a set of tools for you to track and manage the event planning process.

Is there anything comparable to #TogetherWeRemember?

There isn’t anything quite like TWR, but our philosophy is similar to TEDx events:

  • You agree to follow some general rules and guidelines (for example, that your event will be inclusive, shining a light on multiple events of violent hatred throughout history, not just one in particular)

  • Our team will provide resources and support to help you plan your event, but as the local event organizer, YOU are in the driver’s seat for making the magic happen. How awesome can it be? That's up to you!  

Imagine dozens of synchronized TWR events across the world happening at the same time, live streamed on our website, and shared on social media - with your help, that's what we'll do!

How do we organize a #TogetherWeRemember event?

The basic recipe for a TWR event is simple! Here are the ingredients to make it happen:  

  • A central, public space to host the event
  • A microphone and speaker system to project sound
  • Names / short stories / poems to read aloud for 1 to 24 hours, which we will provide via our TWR Name Reading App
  • People to sign up for 10 to 20-minute shifts to read names, which is super easy using our Name Reading Sign-Up Sheet
  • A device with a webcam / wifi connection to livestream the event

There are a bunch of ways to take your event to the next level, and we'll coach you through that in the rest of the guide! We are available to provide 1-on-1 support throughout the whole process. You are just a few steps away from bringing the magic of TWR to your community, so if you're ready, let's...